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Thread: What can I expect in 2.5 months from ABCDE?

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    What can I expect in 2.5 months from ABCDE?

    I'm starting ABCDE tommorrow, gonna run a 2 week bulk 3600-3800 cal cycle (might not be enough my metabolism is insane), then gonna run a 2 week cut around 1300-1400. I'm currently at a bodyweight of 180lb at 11% bf. Is 200lb in 2.5-3months a realistic goal?

    225lb @ 17% bodyfat, currently cutting
    Current lifts while cutting (all raw): bench 275x4, squat 365x8
    Estimated current maxes: 300 bench / 450 dead / 450 squat
    Competition / Gym PRs (from March 08)
    Bench: 325 raw / 385 loose shirt
    Deadlift: 450 raw ADFPF 04/26/08
    Squat: 405 raw

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    I know this has been discussed before, any the general consensus ruled against training and dieting like this. Also, I wouldn't expect 20lbs of lean mass in 2.5 months, sure you can gain 20lbs in 2 months, but you won't be happy with what you see in the mirror. If the 2 week cycling thing worked, I think more people would be using it. I say stick to the basic bulk/cut cycles. My $.02.

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    Would probably help limit fat gain over a period of time, but it's a slow way to gain lean mass.
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