Okay i go tto school and od track and work a job also. My diet usually consists of this (cutting)
Meal 1: Protien SHake with flax someitmes oats also (if i have time) (6:30
Meal 2: Protien Shake (9:15)
Pre Workout Shake: 1 Scoop Swole V.2, 1 Teaspoon Glutamine, and 1 scoop whey (10:45)
Post Workout: 2 Scoops Whey, 1 teaspoon glutamine (12:15)
Meal 3: Chicken Sandwich on 2 slices wheat bread (12:45)
Meal 4: Before Track i eat peanut butter sandwich. No jelly jus peanut butter (3:00)
Meal 5: Now after track: 1 scoop Swole V.2, 1 teaspoon glutamine, 1 peanut butter sandwich. (5:30)
Meal 6: at around 10 (when i get off work) i eat a protien bar. (10:15)

TO mea i think im takin in to many carbs but my time is running out very quick. I originally had chicken in there. Basically all im eatting is shakes and sandwiches. What can i put in meal 3: that is quick and easy. Also Meal 4, but remember this is before track i eat it for the energy.