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Thread: pull ups and chest dips?

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    pull ups and chest dips?

    anyone have any creative methods of doing these? I mean I dont have any place to do them in my apartment and I love those exercises. So if anyone has this problem, how did you fix it?

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    before i bought a cheap used pullup/dip station.. i used to do pullups on a water pipe running in the garage. just make sure you hang on to it close to the wooden posts. i used to do dips on the inside corner of my kitchen counter

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    You can get a doorway Chin Up Bar, but its not to good for Pull Ups, because your elbows would probably be to big for the door way, mine are, and im not tall so i'm guess your taller and it would be even harder, but u can do chin ups no problem.

    Or you can get a Pull up/chin up and dip station, its one piece, and u can get those for around 80 to a couple hundred dollars, i think i know where u can get one for just about 100 dollars, and since u got an apartment im figurin u can get one.

    email me if u want the site for the station my email is


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