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Thread: Stick to the Basics?

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    Stick to the Basics?

    From reading the articles by Paul Stagg, he seems to emphasize keeping to the basics? What are the basics?

    I am new to weight lifting, I did most calisthenics in my home (pushups, pull ups, chin ups) and I am decent at those. Last physical I took I did 11 pull ups. I am 5'10", weight about 167, got some fat on me . It seems to be going away, I cut my calorie intake, and I do running or some sort of aerobic exercise (b-ball or bike) everyday.

    So what are the basics?

    Also, right now I rep at 115 and can do 2 sets of 8, but it is hard to get that last one up. I hear of people that do 3 X 6-8 reps, and people that do 2 X 6-8 reps and then the next set add weight. What do you recommend? I would love to get my bench up to about 165 in the coming months. I eat pretty well, and I have noticed a difference which is keeping me motivated at working out.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to reading this. I read the article on routines here, but those exercises didn't really seem like what the "basics" would be. So if someone could give me their routine for a beginner and what is good to eat, I would be most gracious

    I have a tone of questions, and if anyone uses AOL instant messenger, my screen name is mob00six .
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