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Thread: Placed first order moments ago...very impressed so far

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    Placed first order moments ago...very impressed so far

    I've been meaning to purchase Nitrean for a few months now, but today I finally pushed the button. Interestingly enough, I received the new copy of Men's Health in the mail today and in their "Ask Men's Health" section there was a long paragraph about how adding casein to whey makes a protein shake exponentially more effective. Despite the number of protein "blends" that are available, it is almost impossible to find a mixture of whey & casein except for at At Large's site. The study in Men's Health used "GNC Pro Performance Elite Series Mega Whey" for the casein group--a supplement which costs $60 for 4lbs!!! Furthermore, when I looked up this supplement, I was shocked--it doesn't even contain casein--only whey!!!

    I am impressed with the articles on the At Large site--especially "Training and Eating for Mass" as I am a hardgainer and agree completely with what was written. It is pleasing to finally come across an article about gaining size as opposed to losing weight---the ratio of these two types of articles I've come across is like 1,000 to 1.

    I'm also a big fan of the free tee shirt!!! There is even a text box to request a size---as opposed to some company like Prolab that sends you a nightgown!

    Good work fellas--can't wait for the package to arrive!
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    Thanks for your order man! We appreciate it and will do our best to be your supplement company for a long time to come.

    Keep an eye out for some new articles coming very soon!


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