Hey all, i've been working out for a few months now and am gererally satisfied with the gains that i've made. Im 5ft 10 and weigh about 98 kilos and am about 24% body fat (i've always been overweight as a child and teenager).

I play basketball and my weight has always been a source of injuries (ankles and knees) coming to a climax when ruptured my ACL 2 years ago. I had a ACL reconstruction about 10 weeks ago so now i am really concentrating on body fast loss.

I've been trying to watch my diet reducing portion sizes and fatty foods. I have also started to do cardio 5 days a week (which i also want some advice about). And have substituted weighted exercises to exercises to using my natural body weight as resistance. Also just keep in mind my body weight, because i find my natural weight a more significant resistance than most people do.

heres my program so far...

[CARDIO - denotes 20 minute session raising heart to at least 130bpm]
[Close Grip Push Ups??? dont really know if thats the right name for these, but i bring my hands close in to my body to emphasise TRIS]

MON: CARDIO, 3x10 Pushups, CARDIO, 3x10 Close Grip Push Ups, CARDIO,3x10 Assisted Dips
WED:CARDIO, 3x5 Chin Ups,CARDIO, 3x5 Pullups, CARDIO, 3x10Assisted Lat PullDown
THUR:CARDIO, Shoulders, CARDIO , Abs

So thats pretty much my weekly program. Any advice? or things that i should be doin? or should not be doing? am im doin too much cardio? im open to any suggestions or watever....

i'd really like some feed back because i really dont wanna be overloading on the cardio and burn away more muscle than fat.

Thanx in Advance