Hi everybody. My brother just recently got me into bodybuilding at the ripe age of 13. I am very determined to try to be the best that I can be. I was just curious as to if yall had any tips for a newbie. I currently bench a maximum of 90 lbs. One of my brother's very close friend (Who is the number 7 powerlifter in the region of Fort Worth/Dallas) made me a schedual:
(These weights below will change as we work-out next week.)

MONDAYS: Bench: 1x8 45
1x6 60
2x6 65

DB Flyes: 3x6 15's
Military Press: 4x6 45
Curls: 3x8 45
Shrugs: 4x10 95

TUESDAYS: Squat: 1x8 75
1x6 95
3x6 115

Leg Press: 4x8 150
Leg Extensions: 4x8 80
Hamstring Curls: 4x8 45

WEDNESDAYS:300 Crunches (Keep doing as many as you can until it all totals up to 300.)

THURSDAYS: DB Bench: 1x8 15's
3x6 25's

DB Flyes: 3x6 15's
DB Front Raises: 3x6 15's
Shrugs: 4x10 95

FRIDAYS: Deadlift: 1x8 95
1x1 105
2x5 115
Leg Press: 4x8 150
Leg Extensions: 4x8 80
Hamstring Curls: 4x8 45

What do you guys think about this? Pretty good for a newbie? Do I have any chance of getting any where with this?

Now another thing is is that I am trying very hard to get a 6-pack. I already have my upper abs developed, but just cant seem to master my lower abs. I've viewed many different techniques, yet they place no strain upon my lower abs.

Heres some addition information if it matters.
Weight: 125 lbs
Height: 5' 6
How long I've been working out: 1 week
Diet: None, but some whey protein every now and then

Thanks a ton!