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Thread: angle of arched back in squats

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    angle of arched back in squats

    when i do squats, i am easily able to maintain an arched back throughout the range of motion -- what is trickier to manage/control is the angle of my back to the ground. i am not even sure what that angle should be exactly, despite having read (maybe not carefully enough) many posts on this forum. i find myself leaning forward more and more as I go lower in the squat movement, to the point where at my lowest position, my lower back is probably 135 degrees to the ground (or 45 degrees above parallel to the ground). however, my back is extremely arched at this point and as a result, my chest and upper back are much closer 180 degrees to the floor (in other words, in a much more upright position). is this right? how do you guys do it? is it even possible to simply keep your entire back more or less straight and perpendicular to the ground throughout the movement? i can't even come close.
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