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Thread: Need Outer Bicep Help Please

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    Can someone give me some quality exercises to increase the size of my outer bicep? The top and inner part of my biceps are coming along at a fantastic rate but the outer side of my bicep doesn't show much growth at all - ESPECIALLY in my left arm. Is there a dumbbell exersize that can increase the size of the outer bicep and should I do extra sets (with my left arm) to try and get my left arm size up to my right?

    {To be honest my left bicep is "taller" and more defined but my right bicep is a lot bigger around}

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    You can`t shape a certain part of a muscle, you can only make it bigger. This is an age old argument and I know this sounds hypocritical but I only really gained a good outer bicep by doing heavy standing db curls and supinating the wrist at the top of the movement.

    hope I helped
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    That is true. Just do curls. Be intense and your muscles will grow. Forget about trying to target a specific portion of a muscle, especially one so small.

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