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Thread: wannna get big

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    Hi guys im a newbie with a couple of questions
    but first great site, i wanted to know if you guys use the wanna get big routine and if its worked for you?
    Sorry to sound like an idiot or ignorant but is 2 sets really enough? I guess i always thought that the more u do the better..I dunno pls your info would help thanks

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    i've noticed the long periods of rest have helped my strength.

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    It has worked for alot of people. Try it out for yourself, I think you'll be pleased. More is NOT ALWAYS better, only sometimes. Just try it out. :-)

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    Is 2 sets per exercise enough ?

    Yes, it can be MORE than enough for some people and is probably better for the majority of people....

    If you are used to high volume it really takes some doing, actually dropping down.. You think well hell if what I am doing is not working great how can reducing the vlume help ?

    Well for the first few weeks you might still think that but as you progress and get stronger I found my new 6 set chest workout harder than any of my 12 set chest workouts I used to do !! I really reached a new level of intensity

    Theres only one way to find out and thats try it for yourself...

    But if you are doing higher volume and it is not working great for you, you'll probably find lower volume will work better..

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    Feb 2001
    Thanks guys for your input it helped

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