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Thread: My Chest Stopped Growing.....

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    My Chest Stopped Growing.....

    I've been working out since January of 2003. For the first year I would say my chest was coming along better than anything else. My chest grew from 39 inches to almost 43 inches in that year. My arms have also grown from 13 inches to 14.5 inches. However, in the last 3-4 months my chest hasn't shown any type of change. In fact, it seems less cut and possibly smaller now than before. I am currently cutting, and have been cutting for about 1 month. I bulked from 152-175 last year. When I got to 175 I felt like my BF% was getting to high and summer was coming so it was time to get cut up. The lack of growth in my chest began to be obvious about two months before I started cutting. I measure about 1 time per week, but I can see a difference in the mirror. I just don't look very cut anymore.

    My stats as of today are:

    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 168
    Arms: 14.5
    Chest: 43 inches
    Waist: 33 inches

    My current chest/tricep day looks like this:

    Flat DB Press: 4x4-8(8 or failure every set) (75 pound DB's)

    Incline or Decline DB Press: 2x4-8(8 or failure ever set) (Alternate weeks) (60 pound DB's on Incline, 70 pound DB's on Decline)

    Weighted Dips: 3x6-8 (8 or failure every set) (30 pounds extra weight)

    Cable Tricep Pressdowns: 3x8 (140 pounds)

    Cable Crossover/Fly: 3x8 (80 pounds on each side)

    That has been my chest workout for over a year. It has given me good results in the past but I am no longer seeing them. I know I'm not going to get any bigger or increase lifts while cutting. But I would think my chest will began to look more cut. Right now it doesn't look very cut at all. Just poked out. So I'm looking pretty good in a t-shirt, but not so good without one.....

    I know it's kinda gay to post another dudes pic.... but my upper body is built kinda like the brown haired dude on the left in that pic( Only my BF isn't quite as high. Also my chest pokes out a little more. I'm probably about 13% and 95% of my BF is stored in my oblique/hips area. So I am very thin but I kind of have this annoying hour glass look going.

    Basically I am wondering what I can do to spark more growth/cutness in my chest area. I am going to continue my cut and I know that will help but I am wondering if a change in workout or volume would help.

    Any opinions and advice are welcomed. Thanks

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    Dude I don't think you get it.

    You're cutting. You're LOSING WEIGHT.

    Don't expect your chest to get bigger.

    BTW I've been lifting my ass off for 2 years and my chest is smaller than yours.
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    Definition is pretty much, soley dependent upon diet. The routine looks fine and it generally won't make a big difference in the definition of your chest. That will just come with cutting.
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    As patty said, cutting=smaller muscles. You want bigger, bulk. Sucks but that's the way it goes.
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    =Mic SoloistThat has been my chest workout for over a year. It has given me good results in the past but I am no longer seeing them.
    I think its time for a routine change.
    Also agree what the others have said.
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    A lot of that growth in your chest could have been fat along with muscle, and now that you are cutting your chest is shrinking because the fat is starting to drop off of there.

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    Natural Bodybiulder your right. Happened to me
    When I first started I had a little meat up there, my chest stuck out good in a t-shirt, but nows its been awhile and my chest got smaller but i am also stronger.
    Im guessin itll take me 10 years to looked really jacked up. Like HUGE.

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    mic, your chest definitely won't get any bigger on a cut. but it might be time for a change of routine if you've been doing this one for a long time. this happens to me every once in awhile on chest. i probably switch from db to bb lifts every 6 months or so when i feel that my progress is slowing down. when you're done cutting switch from db to bb bench for awhile and i can almost guarantee you that you'll make some good gains.


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