Well i guess they tested high levels of ALT (alanine transaminase) in my plasma, which disqualifies me for donating plasma anymore..

This enzyme is caused from when an liver is inflamed. These enzymes can also be found in muscle tissue from a large bruise, contusion, or rect overuse of muscles such as a vigourus exercise.

Not only that but can be from drinking alcohol too much. I dont drink at all...so its not from that. Another reason could be from too much ibuprofen, tylenol, motrin. But i dont take any of that for anything.

Another thing could be high protein...to much protein makes the liver work overtime and cause high ALT.

Another reason cuold be from hepititis, but I have been tested for that also and came back negative.

And I am willing to bet that the cause is because of M1t and 4ad. I take milkthistle also. Musta not have helped much.

So basically between the high exercise, prohormones, high protein, my alt was too high and i was put on the deferral list. So if you are in the same situation as me as far as exercise, dont donate...

Not only will you be put on the list, but if youplan on joining the military they will see that and not allow you to join...

So yea just some info i ran inot about 30 mins ago. Thought id share.