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Thread: Caffine, and building mass?

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    Coincidently, I also came across this today from Avant Labs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spook - Leptin: The Next Big Thing Part VI
    Overuse of caffeine and other stimulants has negative long-term ramifications for body composition. Caffeine elevates cAMP, which activates AMPK in skeletal muscle. This is one way it aids in fat burning. However, AMPK also lowers cellular metabolism in the long run, reducing your energy requirements and slowing your metabolism. AMPK is basically a cellular brake; it is activated by the endocrine system during the hypoglycemic state. This serves to switch the cell to fat usage to preserve glucose for the brain. It also reduces the cellís metabolism however, thus saving any blood glucose for the brain as well.

    Secondly, caffeine exhibits some nasty effects brought about by being an adenosine antagonist. Caffeine reduces cell volume by acting as a cellular diuretic. Cell volume is intimately tied to anabolism. In fact it has been proposed that the majority of insulinís anabolic action is exerted through increases in cell volume. Adenosine antagonistís also induce insulin resistance, and cause one to spend more time each day in the hyperglycemic state.

    Finally, caffeine interferes with the conversion of omega-3 fatty acids into EPA and DHA, thus emulating some of the negative aspects of omega-3 deficiency.

    Overuse of ephedrine and other NE promoters is also counterproductive. As discussed above, NE activation in the PVN leads to long-term changes in the PVN that favor CRF over TRH. This both reduces metabolism and lowers sex hormones, resulting in decreased anabolism and increased muscle loss.
    If you want to argue these points, you can send him an email.

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    LOL. if you read my first post in this thread, i was pointing out a longago discussion with bradly where i learned about the ampk thing. also remember ampk is reduce in the presence of insulin (bulking).

    so there are concerns with caffine, but i don't think insulin senstitivity is very importatn as they go.

    note that spook, while against heavy use of caffien, is ok with moderate use (he drinks the coffee), and suggests it be used away from the wieght training. link .

    i'm also not sure why you are talking about full depletion since we are talking about bulking not cutting.

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    Again, back to degree. I've never once said one must eliminate all caffeine from their diet. I'm drinking a delicious cup as I type this. All I'm espousing is that it does have an affect on certain functions and could possibly be detrimental. You've basically added nothing to this discussion aside from stating what you feel, which is basically useless to me. I'm actively participating in the thread in hopes to get something in return from you as to the sources of your opinions, but I've received nothing. I'm ending my part here, because it has thus far been a one-way street.

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    Caffeine increases lipid oxidation and decreases protein oxidation.

    Caffeine used in relative moderation can be a help to your bodybuilding goals.

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    Hi, I read recently that caffeine should be avoided while in ketosis as it increases blood glucose. This sounds believable as it gives you a feeling of more energy, but I know for a fact that it also promotes fat utilisation. Therefore, caffeine whilst in ketosis: good or bad?

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    It's kind out of topic but anyways: I have a sensitive stomach. I am getting sick from the stomach again. I just would like to know if drinking coffee while being sick of the stomach is bad. Thanks


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