I am currently doing shrugs with 2 85 pound DB's. I was doing them with a 225 pound BB but it just didnt feel like I was hitting the traps as well with the DB as I was with the shrugs. I really wanna hit my traps and I think I'm doing the shrugs right but I gotta couple questions.

1. Is 85 pounds enough for me to be doing at my size(5'11 167)? I feel I could do a little more but the DB's in my gym only go up to 85.

2. Do ya'll pause at the top of the shrug and hold it or do you do one continued motion?

3. How far back do you push your shoulders or do you just shrug from the natural position?

4. Is there any difference/advantage/disadvantage of doing shrugs with DB or BB?

Any other shrug info would be good. My traps are looking aiiiight but I need to hit them harder than I currently am.