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    sexual morals

    The nature of this post is to dicuss and to help me understand different issues, not to make pervert jokes.

    I was eating dinner with a girl, it was a date, it was in a nice resturant it was quite full, we had big burgers, it was alright,Ive only met her once before, she started talking about sex, the sex she have had and in what situations and with what and who, and I couldnt help feeling sligthly distugsted, now, I know this is a touchy subject, but I couldnt help feeling like it was watching an episode of sex in the city, this girl is also from a good home, educated and rich, she was sitting there and talking and talking and talking and talking about her sex life in public, like she was talking about the weather, like this issue was nothing, this was simply just an everyday thing.

    Now Give me options.

    1. Was she simply very down to earth and liberated, and its totally fine that your potensial future girlfriend has had oral sex with 10guys in 6months, this is all good healthy modern attitude of the modern strong woman.

    2. Is she a girl that has sex with alot of people because her daddy left her early and she needs huggy bear.

    3. Is it just normal, and I am old fashioned and conservative, the innocent girl that I am looking for does not exist, today its all sex sex sex sex, and that is good, that is a sign of a developed society.

    4. The average looking girl can get sex anytime she wants anywhere she wants with anybody, even other girls, now am I jealous, because I havent been with that many girls, Ive lost like 5good years of that activity.

    Now do I have the right to jugde her, I havent yet, but I still dont love the sex in the city thing, and you know how they always jugde the men they talk about, but how good are they? they are old and saggy and they smoke, what makes them so special.
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