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Thread: Currently on weight watchers program but starting weight training.

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    Currently on weight watchers program but starting weight training.


    I am currently on the weight watchers program but I want to start weight training. If I start weight training should I ditch the weight watchers program?

    I get 25 points a day on weight watchers. In case anyone is wondering about the points you get certain points for different foods. You can eat whatever as long as you dont go over 25 points. For example a banana is 2 points, 1 slice bread is 1 point, skinless chicken breast is 4 points, etc etc... I have been on it one week and have lost 4 pounds. I started at 212 lbs and now I am 208. I am 6 feet tall.

    The workout routine is moderate to light. Nothing like a hardcore bodybuilding routine or anything. Would it slow progress by staying on the weight watchers plan or should I get off and just watch what I eat? I wont blow up like a balloon or anything if I get off the plan it is just that I have been around this weight for a long time and I just wanted to get into better shape and perhaps wear my old 34 inch waste jeans again.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit::The weight training program is 3 times a week and aimed at basketball. The link to it is just in case anyone wanted to check it out.

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