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    Punching Bag Cardio

    I'd always make a good program, stick to it... but some mornings I would miss Cardio. Then I would get down on myself, and end up missing my next weight day as well.. and needless to say, I would end up quiting. I'd come here, and everyone would kick my ass back into it. Only to miss another cardio day.. and repeat.

    So, I determined awhile ago that Cardio is why I always got stuck in a rut. I hate waking up and hitting that bike for 20 mins, or using the eliptical machine. Running and running, but going no-where.

    That is when I decided to buy my punching bag. A Heavy bag, with bag gloves and hand wraps. I LOVE this thing. I beat the living sh!it out of it, and it never gets boring

    My cardio days, I do 3 min rounds in the morning. Right now, I am up to 4 rounds, going to 5 rounds on Friday morning. I take a 1 min break in between.. and trust me, this is killer. (especially after an upperbody workout from the day before.. hehe)

    My question... with the punching, jumping around and constant movement... is this considered a good form of cardio? I mean, I am getting a cardiovascular workout, I know that much. I can feel it.. but can 12 mins (soon to be 15 mins) give you a good cardio workout? It sure feels like it. 4 rounds on the bag, feels like 2 hours on the bike.. but that's just what I feel..

    So, what is punching this bag and jumping around.. doing for my fat loss goals?


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