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Thread: small to bigger

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    small to bigger

    I was just wondering is there anyone on this board that has crazy metabolism and has gain 20lbs? and if so how long did it take? and how many cals do you eat?

    Was: 130
    4months later: 138
    Dieing to get to 150
    Eating: 3000 cals a day
    Age: 28

    When will my metabolism give up? lol

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    when you start eating 4000 cals a day
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    Eating 3000 calories for bulking is easy

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    I was 150lbs when I started, now 162lbs, but I haven't been religiously dieting, just eating when I can.
    I think 4 month it took, and then I just maintain it, if I can I'll try to get to 170-175, that's about as heavy as I want to be.
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    Weight falls off of me on 3000 cals a day. Your making good progress, but as you get bigger you need to increase your caloric intake. Keep it up bro.
    Diet is key, the calorie is king

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    I've gained weight with a pretty high metabolism. I've eaten as much as 8000 calories a day for 3 months. LOL, during that time I gained only between 5-7lbs.

    It my first 20lbs took about 8 months. After that the next 20lbs didn't happen for about 2 years as I was running track and lifting just a bit too often without enough food. The next 20lbs took about a year and a half.
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    20lbs in 4 months, eat like a bastard


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