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Thread: making eggs more interesting - The Quebec Omelette

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    making eggs more interesting - The Quebec Omelette

    we eat a lot of eggs in my house. between my wife and I, we usually account for a dozen eggs in 2 days without even trying hard (3 whole eggs x 2 people = typical brekkie)

    One of the challenges is keeping the eggs interesting so I've been experimenting with different ways of cooking 'em. We poach, we scramble, we omelette... all kinds of stuff.

    Which has resulted in the Quebec Omelette. Why Quebec? Why because you separate the eggs, of course! That will only be funny to Canadians, and only moderately funny at that, but I am my own best audience when it comes to humour so too bad.

    Quebec Omelette (serves one... double recipe for two people... more than a double recipe will need to be done in batches unless you have a REALLY big pan)

    3 eggs
    1/4 cup finely grated cheddar or other orangey cheese
    1/4 cup finely grated pale white cheese of some sort (swiss/provolone/havarti/etc.)
    1 tbsp salted butter
    1/4 cup finely diced onion
    1/4 cup finely diced red or green pepper
    sea salt to taste
    fresh ground black pepper to taste
    sprig of fresh parsley (for garnish)

    1) Preheat your nonstick teflon omelette pan on medium heat. I am a big fan of the T-Fal Provence Fry Pan with the red 'Thermospot' heat indicator that tells you when the pan is properly warmed up.

    2) While pan is preheating, separate the eggs, putting the yolks in one small mixing bowl and the whites in another.

    3) melt the 1tbsp of butter in the microwave or however else you like and add it to the yolks. Also add the diced pepper, the ground pepper, and your orange cheese to the yolks. Mix thoroughly.

    4) with a fork or whisk, whip the egg whites until frothy and bubbly. This will increase its volume. Add the white cheese, diced onion, and salt to the whites.

    5) The pan should be hot enough now, so pour in the egg white mixture, covering the whole pan. Immediately after this, carefully pour in the yolk mixture... you can just drizzle it around randomly or you can use it to create a design if you're feeling Martha Stewarty.... I usually just drizzle it back and forth across the surface of the whites mixture. If you do it right, you will have a clear separation of white and yolk colours and flavours.

    6) Cook as you would an omelette... give it long enough on the first side to firm up so you can flip it, and then if you have a good teflon pan you can get it flipped over without breaking or even needing a spatula!

    7) Garnish with fresh parsley and enjoy the subtle differences in each bite as you eat the omelette...

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    Must try this soon, thanks for the recipe I'm a big egg eater myself hehe.

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    Nice, I'll be sure to have the wife cook this up for me.
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    sounds good...although i don't get the joke as u told us we wouldn't....but i may have to try this soon...eggs are king...
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    Sounds pretty good... I wish I got the joke

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    sounds good cal
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    Yeah sounds good, must give it a omeletes usualy taste terrible.

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    I'm trying this when I get home from school


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    Mmmmmm sooo goood.

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    dude this joke seriously go over Americans heads? That's said.

    French Quebec.... no one? Wow.

    Good joke and looks to be an even better omelette.

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    How about tossing some turkey bacon in there as well?
    Here we go again!

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