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Thread: I wanna start working out M T - W F. I need some advice please.

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    I wanna start working out M T - W F. I need some advice please.

    I am just starting to work out and I am doing sort of a split at the moment. I am doing a split like this...

    Week 1
    Monday = Workout A
    Wednesday = Workout B
    Friday = Workout A

    Week 2
    Monday = Workout B
    Wednesday = Workout A
    Friday = Workout B


    I wanna start going like this...

    Monday = A
    Tuesday = B
    Wednesday = rest
    Thursday = A
    Friday = B
    Saturday = rest
    Sunday = rest

    My workouts only last around 45 minutes per seesion and are moderate in intensity. I just started a few days ago and I am very sore all over. I also run a lot so that probably isnt helping. Should I wait until my body adjusts or just work through the pain and let my body get used to it as I go along?


    Edit::The A and B sessions are the two sets of muscles that I work.
    ex: legs = A
    Arms = B

    It is different than that but you get the idea.
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    Looks fine to me. You will want to decrease the volume on each workout though because you are now working each muscle twice per week. I like the idea of an upper and lower body split twice a week. Also, you may want to limit isolation work and get the lions share of your volume from compound lifts.


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