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Thread: Post-workout food question

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    Post-workout food question

    I do an hours workout then go straight onto a 5k run 6 days a week (on gym travelator thing)

    Thing is, i heard its best to get some protein immediately after working out as thats when the most growth is or something.. So should I neck a protein shake or munch some tuna just before the run??? I run to keep fat down (and its working, im gaining LBM)

    But will my body just utilise that food on the run??? ANd not burn fat?? (not eating any carbs - just protein)

    Or am i missing a significant growth oppurtunity if i dont eat.... And i cant mess with the gym-run tradition , thats as far as convenience will stretch, set in stone.

    Thank you

    Yours sincerely, yo

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    like you sais you're gaining lbm... so if it aint broke dont fix it


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