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Thread: Straps vs No Strap for back lifts

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    Straps vs No Strap for back lifts

    I normally use straps when I do my back. Today I forgot one of my straps so I did my routine w/o straps. I was fully expecting to do fewer reps do to grip strength. To my surprise, my lifts were much easier today. A whole lot easier in fact. Grip strength was not a problem and my back was feeling really good after the workout. My form was exactly the same, nothing changed except no straps.

    I'm still a little baffled by this. Could it be that my arms were playing more of a part w/o the straps? If this were the case I should have had a good pump in my arms, but I didn't. I'm very tempted to dump the straps. I guess the only way to find out if the straps were hindering me in anyway is to do my next lifts w/o straps and see if I get the same results.

    Anyone ever experience this?
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