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Thread: How to get this awesome back?? (pic)

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    How to get this awesome back?? (pic)

    I found this somewhere, dunno who it is

    But this dude has the most perfect back ive ever seen!!! Pure art!!!!

    Is this steroids or something... Or just good genetics.. Those spinae erectors (or whatever).. Are they the result of lotsa deadlifting???
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    Wow, I wonder how tall he is?

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    Well, in my opinion, the primary reason for the nearly 45 degree angle of his lats is how slim his waist is. Infact, it's hard to tell but it also looks like he has a narrow ribcage that probably looks a little strange from the front view.
    Look as it say's 29 inch waist. Some of us couldn't get down to a 29 inch waist at 4% bodyfat. We just aren't given that kind of genetics and bone structure.
    Look at the difference between forearm at his elbow and wrist. Sheesh!
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    I was thinking the same thing.

    A) the guy has accomplished some legit results

    B) his back *is* impressive

    C) his ridiculously narrow waist.....make that *tiny* waist...makes him look like a human "V".

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    my dad used to have a 29" waist and 17" arms at like 6' and 200 lbs... now the guy weighs 250-270 with a 36" waist and 18" guns.... all his fat is in his belly.
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    That guy has done a good job. 29" waist with a low bfp and over 200 pounds is pretty impressive. 19" arms ain't nothin' to laugh at either!
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    Good genetics, good chemicals, lots of cutting.

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    Yeah, his wrists are little. My wrists arent that big either, so i can't really pick on him, lol. Also, i dont think i could get down to a 29" waist ever.
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    omg i thought i threw that one away lol , well one can dream

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    I've gotten down to a 28" waist. Makes me *really* underweight for my height (5'9.5ish). I got all the way down to 120 lbs, yet still couldn't see any abs, since I was just trying to cut till I could see them, but at 120 lbs I thought to myself this is crazy.

    So I started bulking like crazy after getting that low and now I'm at about I estimate 15% bf at 148 lbs. Turned my 11" inch arms to 13". I think my goal is to be 15" arms, 24" quads (currently 21.5"), and 42ish" chest.

    I guess the one good thing about my hugely-small waist is my back will be more impressive than others. Thanks guys for giving me a heads up.


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