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    i am just wondering if doing dropsets are good for bulking and muscle gain.also when are the best times to them in training as i have seen some trainers do them on their first set and some on their last.

    i am 150 lbs and 5 '11 so quite skinny and want to get alot bigger

    for example today i have done a chest workout and this included:

    dumbbell press 3 sets
    dumbbell incline press 3 sets
    incline flyes
    pec dec 3 sets
    press ups

    would it be worth me doing drop sets on this type of workout?
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    I'd get rid of the "little" exercises; flyes, pec dec, and press ups. Stick with the two big exercises; press, and incline press. At 150 lbs and probably just starting out, spend your energy on the big compounds and don't waste energy on the little stuff that isn't going to do anything for you at this point. Then, if you want, do a drop set on your last set of inclines as a "finisher." I'd even go as far as to say not to have a chest workout, but rather work your full body every session.

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