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Thread: question about protein synthesis

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    question about protein synthesis

    It has been said by different bodybuilding sources that it is better to consume food over several smaller meals throughout the day rather than in a few large ones. My question is why? They say it is so that your body will always have access to protein for building muscle, but what I want to know is, if I get my protein (1-1.5 gm/lb bodyweight, or whatever) over 3 large meals, won't it take longer to digest those meals, and therefore provide my body with a source of protein for a longer period of time than a small meal, which would be digested quicker? I personally try to eat several times throughout the day, but I don't quite understand the reasoning behind it. Any thoughts?

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    as long as you're not getting your protein from two big whey shakes, it doesn't matter.

    hte 6 meal a day thing is a combination of myth, the best way to fit enough food in your stomach to bulk, and that some people feel less hungry if they have SOMETHING every few hours even if its just a bowl of cereal and not a big meal.

    it takes more than a few hours for whole food sources to digest, so frequent eating doesn't make that much of a difference.


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