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Thread: Will push ups tone up my flabby chest ?

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    Will push ups tone up my flabby chest ?

    I have a little fat on my chest and I'm meaning to burn it off. I do a normal three day split:

    Mon - Legs, Shoulders
    Wed - Chest, Back
    Fri - Arms, Abs

    I'm wondering wheather doing 200 push ups a day on top of this will help tone up my chest quicker. Will I just be gaining more strength indurance and not mass ? Also should I being doing cardio and how much ?

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    You'll get yolked doing 200 pushups a day! Go for it! Just maybe take it easy on chest days or days after the chest day.l
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    Read this thread:

    Should give you an idea on what toning is or isn't. If you are still unsure use the search and you'll find plenty of discussions on the myths/misconceptions of the concept of toning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veritas
    You'll get yolked doing 200 pushups a day! Go for it! Just maybe take it easy on chest days or days after the chest day.l
    Yeah, uh...your wrong. By "toned" I am assuming you mean a defined chest. Doing pushups won't get you a defined chest, but getting your BFP down will. Definition usually comes from diet.

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    You cant make your muscles grow outside your fat..the fat will always be on top unless you change diet and do a lot of cardio..

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    If you're not already doing cardio, I would recommend starting with 3, 20 or 30minute sessions a week. Watch your diet and train hard with the weights trying to increase your lifts every time. There's no need at all for the pushups.


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