by Buck Woodward @ 12:40:00 PM on 4/3/2004

WWE.com posted the following today, announcing the release of Terri and Sean O'Haire from the company:

WWE.com received the following information from the office of Jim Ross, WWE’s Executive Vice President for Talent Relations:

Terri Runnels and WWE have mutually agreed to terms to part ways. Terri has been a great member of our team for almost seven years, and we wish her the best and would enjoy working with her again if the situation presents itself.

Sean O’Haire has been notified that he will be released from his contract. Sean is an excellent athlete and we wish him well in his future endeavors.

Terri had most recently been used as an interviewer on the Raw brand, following a long run with the company as a manager and wrestler.

Sean O'Haire had been limited to occasional Velocity appearances (and less) in recent months. O'Haire had been given a push as Roddy Piper's protégé on Smackdown last year, but saw that push end when Piper was unable to come to contractual terms with the company.

Thanks to Mike Johnson for his help.