Mountaineer Cup VI Team Powerlifting Championship
August 13-14
Las Vegas, Nevada
Competitor Public Notification
Team Seating (1 Heavyweight and 1 Lightheavyweight)
#1 Brian Siders and Johnny Vasquez
#2 Bob Hester and Matthew Zweng
#3 Steve Goggins and Isaac Chapa
#4 Beau Moore and Trenton Wade
#5 Evan Whalen and Mike Danforth
#6 Scott Smith and Ricardo Ayala
#7 Sylvester Crumbley and Tony Conyers
#8 Zack Hudak and Alan Haga
#9 Ted Issabela and Ted Linn
#10 Josh Bryant and Max Solomon
#11 Gene Bell and Dan Lass
#12 Art Labare and Ryan LaDoux
#13 Brian Schoonveld and Adam Kwiatkowski
#14 Ed Coan and Joe Norman
#15 Michael Anderson and Bobby Hayden
The above-mentioned competitors are here by publicly notified they have qualified as an individual team member as listed. A written letter of intent to compete is required. Noncompliance will result in disqualification of competitor. The letter of intent from said competitor(s) must be received no later than July 17, 2004 in order to receive certain compensations allotted. Mail, email or fax letter of intent to:

Mountaineer Race Track & Gaming Resort
Attention: N. R. Busick
PO Box 354
Chester, WV 26034
Phone contact:
Fax: 304-387-8005
Visit the following web sites for additional information: