I was doing about 30 mins of basketball to kind of warm up

30 mins on the Reebok Body Peak cardio machine

Then lifting for like 20 mins

Then doing a mile on the treadmill in like 15 mins

Is this too much cardio?

Today, I shot around (b ball) for like 40 mins

Did 30 mins on Reebok Body Peak

Then weight lifted, circuit training for 30 mins and cut out the extra mile on the treadmill.

I was reading an article on The Rock and he was talking about how when he was cutting...when he was working 1-2 body parts a day...he just wasn't using enough of his body to burn enough calories to burn fat...

So today when I lifted,,,i did leg presses 3 sets,,,bench press 3 sets,,,dips 3 sets,,,lat pull downs 3 sets. I felt more winded after circuit training than before when i'd weight train 1 or 2 body parts w/out circuit and doing another mile on treadmill. Is keeping this up a good idea? Am I better off cutting out SOME of the cardio and just circuit training 4 body parts when lifting?

I work out 4 times a week by the way...

i'm 5'8" 238lbs...used to be a little over 300lbs so i've already dropped a nice amount...but obviously it's getting harder and harder to lose. My goal is between 190-200 but i have a lot of body fat to lose. Mostly from my mid section and chest. Waist is about 44.