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Thread: Do you make progress on every lift, every workout?

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    Do you make progress on every lift, every workout?

    I have been keeping track of all my lifts (currently following AST's Max-OT program, which is working each muscle group once per week) and have noticed that on an average week, there will always be some lifts that I don't improve on from the previous week. Most I will improve slightly on, even if its just 1 more rep than the previous week. Sometimes I will see more noticeable improvements. My question is, is it reasonable to expect to go up on every lift, every workout, or should I not get discouraged if that doesn't happen?

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    Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I don't worry about it unless I'm stuck at the same # of reps for a month. If you do get stuck, check your rest/sleep patterns and diet first before changing your routine.
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    yeah don't worry too much about it. as long as you're lifting hard and keeping your diet/eating enough, the progress will come.

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    Don't accept failure. In this situation failure is not progressing.......everytime I workout, I workout to progress and to acheive gains, if you stop expecting gains, most likely they will not come.

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    I add reps or weight each lift. I have yet to hit a plateau though, so that could come at any time.

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    Ummm If you truly push your self in the beginning you should improve every time! either by that extra rep or extra pound! Now later on when you get closer to maxing your potential out it gets a to be a little bit more tricky but if you are just starting out no worries!
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