Ok first of all I know this is a long post but i really need some advice, hope im not taking the piss...
I have been training for just over 2 years now, and in my first 14-ish months i made some great gains. However my birthday is coming up soon and I have just realised I am the same size now as I was on my last birthday and this pisses me off.... - I have made some gains in strength but nothing considerable.

Current size is 6"4 about 224lbs - quite lean - 18" arms, about 46" chest - i can bench about 140kg maximum, deadlift about 220 and squat 180 all for one rep if i had too

I am a very, very hard gainer and only manage to consume about 250-300 ish grams of protein a day.

I have never taken any juice.

Current training plan which hasnt changed for a long time involves training each body part (except legs and shoulders) twice a week:

Monday - shoulders - smith press, dumbell press, flys, bent over flys, barbell shrugs, dumbell shrugs

Tuesday - chest and back - flat bench, incline bench, maybe flys - lateral pulls, one arm rows, seated rows,

Wednesday - legs - squats, leg press, leg extensions, hamstring curls, calf raises

Thursday - Biceps, Triceps - barbell curl, preacher curl, dumbell curls - skull crushers, tricep pushdowns, tricep kickbacks

Saturday - chest, back, triceps, biceps - bench press, incline dumbells, pec deck, wide chins, seated rows, pullovers, hammer curls, preacher curls, machine curls, close grip bench press, tricep pushdowns, dips

Sunday - deadlifts and cardio

each exercise - is 3-5 sets pyramiding the reps from 15/12 down to 4

I know everyone will call me an overtraining moron...not what i want to hear - i know this is way too much...

I have nothing to lose the way i see it and want to try a program that will help me gain mass.
Someone has suggested trying 3 sets for each bodypart - each set 5 full out quality reps which would represent a massive change for me.
3 sets per body part seems too little although i think keeping the reps at 5 is good hopefully pushing the weight up each week - can anyone recommend anything different/better - i actually have a good physique as it is and am way bigger than most people but want to try something different for 6 weeks which i will chart to see how it affects me.

Thanks and appreciation to anyone who takes the time to read this and help me out....