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    I need some advice.. ive been lifting consistantly for a year and a half and ive run into the first injury that hastn gone away after a weeks rest. My left shoulder seems to be injured. Everytime i do overhead dumbell presses, it hurts and i can hear a popping sound. I dont think its dislocated, because the only time it hurts is when im working my shoulders. I was wondering if anyone was in a similar situation.. or knows what it could be.

    Also.. i read on John Berardis site (sp) that i should take a week off after every 4-6 weeks of lifting. Does one benefit from increased strength/ better body composition from doing this? I have been lifting for 8 weeks straight (3 days aweek) . What are the common symptons? Any help would be appreciated.
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    I dont know about your shoulder but as for that week of I usually take one every 2-3 months and I feel a lot stronger when I come back.
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    Ok, dude I hate to be Mr. Obvious here but dont do dumbbell presses. I would keep all weights below my head and go see a DR. You dont want to do any permanent damage to the shoulder that will piss you off for the rest of your life. Rotator cuffs are a commonly injured. Get it checked out!
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    Im just qualifying what you were doing first...overhead dumbell presses. Im taking a guess thats a shoulder press using dumbells in a vertical plane. If so then below kinda applies...if not..forget what i say.

    When does the pain happen? is it very early in the movement or late on when coming to the top? I only ask this becasue the only rotator cuff muscle involved actively in that movement is the supraspinatus muscle and its used basically for the first 15 degrees of arm lifting. After that all the deltoid fibers fire and take the weight and they are basically responsible for the rest of the lift. The rotator cuff muscles get blamed a lot for things, but their main role is stopping dislocation and rotating the arm around its axis. They really dont get too involved with vertical shoulder press.

    From here, it sounds a little like impingement. Quite possibly a bursa (bag of jello that sits between muscles and bones normally at corners) is a little swolen and is getting impinged at the top of the movement. The shoulder dosnt have a lot of space in it and so when something swells up it sure hurts when you use the shoulder. If the pain is coming at the end of range then as someone else posted...ease up there. Stop the above head exercises and allow the swelling to go down. If you want a faster recovery take a few days off...(a week would be good) and then avoid aggrivating exercises till there is no pain doing the movement at all.

    There is a bursa right under the joint where the collar bone meets the shoulder blade at the apex of your shoulder. Its commonly inflamed/impinged/damaged by the kind of movement you describe. Hopefully a bit of rest and time will fix it up. If not its doctor time. You dont want to mess with your shoulder...proper damage to it can take a very very long time to heal. Dont make it worse. You use the shoulder every day of your life.



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