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Thread: I have the best workout for cutting...(So I think)

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    I have the best workout for cutting...(So I think)

    I have a lot of body fat to lose...i've dropped a good amount of weight already...but i'm trying to turn it is the routine and diet I came up with...


    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday

    30 mins of basketball to warm up, shooting around
    40 mins of lifting (circuit training, lifting to failure, 4 body parts at a time)
    30 mins of Cardio on Reebok Body Peak (heart rate around 165)

    I was reading an article with The Roc who said when he was cutting down, working 1-2 body parts a day was not using enough of his body to burn enough calories so he started working 4-5 body parts a day and it worked.

    Also, since i'm more concerned with cutting than building mass, I want to circuit train to keep my heart rate up while still gaining strength.

    I was doing Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday...but having 2 days off in a row for some reason...especially on the weekend when I tend to cheat on my diet doesn't seem good to me. Plus I think i'll feel better by only have 1 day between workout days.


    Now this is where I think I need the most help...but this is what I have right now.

    Meal 1 - Can of tropical fruit or Cereal (raisan brand/mini wheats)/Protein shake
    Meal 2 - Turkey breast sandwich
    Meal 3 - Romaine salad with a little cheddar cheese, croutons, can of tuna, olive oil and vinegar (This is actually really good).
    Meal 4 - Turkey burger and apple
    Meal 5 - Meat (fish or chicken) and veggie (green beans or salad)
    Meal 6 - Protein shake

    Also...i have to cheat sometimes...I probably have 3-4 cheat meals a week...but 1 or 2 of my cheat meals is usually fairly healthy (like chicken chow main chinese food or fried fish) But Pizza once a week is a must.

    How does this sound?

    I've tryed various routines/diets and all together i've dropped 70lbs but it seems to get harder and harder.
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