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Thread: Hows my Routine?

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    Hows my Routine?

    Hi everybody, i was just wondering what everybody thought of my routine for gaining size/strength while bulking. Please give me any advice on how i could make it better. Thanks in advance.

    Day 1: Chest and Back -- [31 Sets]

    Bench Press: 3x8
    Flys: 3x10
    Incline Press: 3x8
    Incline Flys: 3x10

    Bent Over Rows: 3x10
    Upright Rows: 3x8
    Shrugs: 3x10
    Pullups: 4x failure

    Deadlifts: 3x7
    Dumbell Pullover: 3x8

    Day 2: Arms -- [36 sets]

    Standing Curls: 3x15
    Hammer Curls: 3x8
    Incline Curls: 3x10

    Cable Tricep Extensions: 3x10
    Skullcrushers: 3x12
    Tricep Pushdowns: 3x15

    Seated Shoulder Press: 3x10
    Bent-Over Lateral Raise: 3x12
    Standing Lateral Raise: 3x10

    Dips: 3x failure
    Cleans: 3x7
    Push press: 3x8

    Day 3: Legs [21 sets]

    All legs:
    Leg Extensions: 3x10
    Stiff Leg Deadlift: 3x10
    Calf Raises: 3x12
    Abductor: 3x10
    Adductor: 3x10

    Lunges: 3x12 each leg
    Squats: 3x10

    Routine would go something like this:

    Monday: day1
    Tuesday: day 2
    Wednesday: day 3
    Thursday: rest
    Friday: day 1
    Saturday: day 2
    Sunday: day 3
    Mon: rest
    and so on...

    BTW: By other I dont necessarily meen other body parts, Im just saying those exersizes work more then just one muscle group or are core exercises.

    And by sets I meen only working sets, i will also be doing warmup sets.
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    Looks like too much. 36 sets in one workout would take about 2 hours or more, which is way too much. You will get burned out on this routine way to fast. Try one of the WBB routines.

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    I agree, 30+ sets per day for upper body and on top of that training 6x a week on that routine might be a little extreme. Also, if you do plan on doing 30 sets for upper body, I would think you should also allow for ~30 sets on lower body as well. You can prob lower it to 1-2 sets per exercise (seeing as to how you have around 10 exercises per day), and I don't think you need the upright rows, they tend to put unnecessary stress on the shoulders
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    ^^^^^ what these guys said.

    get WBB#1, and keep the # of exercises, add a set to each if you want to make 3 sets instead of 2, and replace exercises with ones you want to do. that workout is way too much for reals.

    and deads are THE back exercise dude, definitely not "other"

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    What's WBB?

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    There are a number of routine ideas located at

    I don't like your workout.

    Some suggestions:
    Drop the incline flyes, upright rows, and pullovers from day 1

    Train shoulders before arms, drop one lateral raise, and one each of the bicep and tricep lifts. If you do the 'other', do them in place of something, not in addition.

    For day 3, do squats every time, and drop the adductor and abductor work.
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    Thanks alot for the responses and help guys, ill probably end up going with a wbb workout, or take your suggestions and change up my routine to about 20 sets per workout. Thanks again for your time.
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