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Thread: breathing while benching

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    breathing while benching

    Hi, I want to first say that you guys have great information. I wanted to know how to go about breathing while doing heavy raw benching. I read in a power lifting magazine that Ed Coan recommends that you try and hold your breath for at least 3 reps so that you can keep the internal pressure and give you more power. Is this something I should be doing? I try to do at least 2 reps with the same breath. How do I go about breathing for reps of 5 or more without losing power?

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    I just breath in and out at the top of each rep. Feels natural to me.
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    i would be careful if you hold your breath to long you may black out wouldn't be pretty
    Ed Coan is the tops in powerlifting imo reread the article maybe you can figure it out

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    Do as many reps as you can with the one breath(within reason. Like they said, be safe about it and know your limits). In powerlifting , you probably won't be doing many more than 5 reps. If you pump out three reps and need to take a breath, wait until the bar is locked out on the third rep, take a HUGE gulp of air, and complete the set. This internal preasure make a huge difference in your lift, so take advantage of it.

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    the safest thing to do is to breathe out while doing the rep and in on the negative portion - this won't give you as much strength because its much less internal pressure on the other hand you don't risk the risks of extremely high internal pressure - aka ****ing up your organs - if you don't breathe out you risk blowing something in your heart from the high bp

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