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Thread: Is their a big difference?

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    Is their a big difference?

    Sup guys? I was just wondering if I'm trying to put on Size...Does it matter If i do Triceps alone (fresh) with like 4 hard exercises or do chest then hit the triceps lighter for 3 exercises? Both going full intensity...But does it make a difference if they are pre exausted? Or if i'm doing alot less weight but still get the same pump? I'm just wondering cause I missed a few days so today I plan on doing chest/bi/tri usually i do chest seperate and bi/tri on a seperate day also.

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    My philosphy is to do triceps the same day as my push exercises (not just bench), and to do triceps last. This means tris are going to be hit, but hit only as the secondary muscle in all the movements (until you do the tricep exercises)

    I do this for two reasons.

    1) If you don't do you secondary arm muscles on the same day as the movements they support, then you will have to put a lot of thought into organizing your entire routine so that you don't overtrain your arms. I am susceptable to overtraining, so I avoid the problem all together by matching up triceps with push movements, and biceps with pull movements days.

    2) In terms of strength training, this could be of great benefit. I don't know about bodybuilding, but if you want functional strength from your arms, it is logical to assume that if you just got done pre-exhausting them in their fuctions as secondary or supporting muscles in compound movements, when you go into your actual tricep movements, they are more likely to be fail in a way more similar to orientation of it's functional use as a supporting muscle. In other words, next time you bench, your tricep is less likely to be a weakness in your movement.
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    i give arms their own day personally, for me I find it hard to give them my all or even sufficiently work them after I hit my chest or back hard.

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    I always do tris & chest together

    I just alternatively prioritize with each workout, so if concentrating on triceps do close-grip bench or big cable pushdowns etc so they get the brunt and initial destruction

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    If you ask a HST person or similar routine type. They suggest you do it with your chest and probably the rest of your body.
    my exprience - joined gym 10 years ago, 6 1/2 years hard weight training exprience.


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