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Thread: Newbie need help

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    Newbie need help

    I only been working out for about 3 months but i was wondering what is the difference between dumbell press and benchpress i mean sure they both work chest but must have their own benefits and what are they? should i do dumbell press and benchpress on the same day? if not would interchange between weeks better? Another question is that I get sore after every work out is it normal? cuz I push myself really hard everyday is that good?

    thanx in advance for help

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    i find that when i do the db press i can get deeper in the negative movement since the db's can come parallel with my shoulders no lower. with the bb my chest doesnt allow me to get as deep unless i use the cheater bar. i work chest twice a week never duplicating any excercise during the week. so db then bb later on in the other workout. also db's would help you even your strength vs. bb where some struggle with one side vs the other.

    i always feel some muscle soreness after a workout. there is a difference between soreness and strains. this is where knowing your body and training experience helps you understand the difference.


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