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Thread: A good plan?

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    A good plan?

    I've been doing newbie kinda training for the last 2months or so, and I've become quite and addict of the gym now and as a result i look alot better (i look quite cut). Now My initial goal was to bulk, so i started last week and its going good so far, do you think its a good plan to bulk for 3months, add around 10Lbs and then cut really really good again? So i'll have a bigger from from bulking then it will be very neat with the cutting?
    Also, should i be focusing on lowering my BF while bulking?
    If so, when do i do it? I train around 4 times a week and eating around 3k in calories a day.
    age 18, 135lbs, 5.9".
    Heres the pics -
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