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Thread: sudden drop in weight?

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    sudden drop in weight?


    I was in the gym last night and my weight was around 163 lbs. now this morning i woke up and i was 152!!!!!!! and its not like ive weighed myself for the first time in the morning - i do it everyday and im always in the 160 range. what the hell happened??? I'm distressed!!!

    The only thing ive changed in the last few days is that I've started to run (havent done that in the last 6 months). so i ran 20 mins/day in the last three days and i was trying to eat 200-300 calories less than I normally do.
    (I was trying to do a cut to get rid of some of the excess bodyfat.) however i never expected to lose that much so soon?? and its not like im ripped now .. i look about the same. and yeah ive been taking creatine too on the days that i workout and still doing it.

    does anyone have any ideas on why this would have happened?
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    Its most likely just water weight you've dropped. What does the difference between your scale and the gym scale normally run? It could have been that after a couple of days the creatine that you take sporadically had run its course and left, therefore leaving you with less water. (Creatine is best taken everyday, regardless of being in the gym or not.)

    Plus at night you are usually full from eating during the day but come morning some of it has been burned off, or used for other purposes. Did you use the bathroom before or after weighing? There's a whole host of reasons that you could have lost that weight. Its nothing that I would be concerned about though, unless it continues to drop at an alarming rate.
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    Well there are two possibilites that have already been outlined by HomeYield (YOU ALWAYS BEAT ME TO IT! ).

    1) Water weight decreases resulting from Creatine levels returning to normal.
    2) Difference in scale readings. (I weigh 205 at my house, but at the doctor the reading is 214, one of us have a messed up scale)


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