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Thread: wide stance squat questions

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    wide stance squat questions

    i tried these last week, i could only do half the reps of medium-narrow stance squat. the inner parts of my thigh and my butt were sore, which i expected. i talked to the weight training coach and he said, "it takes too long to go to wide stance, you might as well stay narrow, or you will have to build up your strength again."

    my questions are, is this true, and if so, how long does it take to "adapt" to wide stance, and how much can one expect to gain from doing wide stance? (btw im 6'2")

    another question is, my groin is stiff as hell when i go down wide stance, does this ever get normal or is it always this way?

    thanks for any help.
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    just means you aren't flexible there i think
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    Don't go so wide that it doesn't feel natural. Go wider so that it's easier to get to parallel with good back position.

    It will take some getting used to. Drop the weight down and build back up again with your new stance. It should take a good 10 week cycle and you'll be good to go.

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    I've always squatted with a fairly wide stance and I've converted a number of other lifters to it as well. I just feel more comfortable with a wider stance, especially with heavy weight. One thing you might try, is to gradually widen your stance, as to not make the lift completely foreign to your body. Every squat session, I'd just move your feet out an inch or so.

    BTW, the guys I lifted with surpassed their 'narrow' stance squat weights within a matter of weeks going wide.

    As for me, I always tend to squat wide and on occasion would bring it in REALLY NARROW, i.e. feet about 8 inches apart. My weights had to drop from 525x10 to 465x10 to accomodate for this, but it felt great to change it up.

    To sum it up, I don't think it will take you long to catch and surpass your narrower squat weights. The mechanical advantage of the wide stance squat is awesome and you'll be going heavy in no time(after the inner leg soreness yields)!
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    I don't see it as something you "adapt" to at all. If you want to go wide, go wide. That coach doesn't know what he's talking about.

    Wide stance squats are superior to narrow stance in many ways. Wide stance develops your hips and adductors, and it's really the style you want to adopt if you want to squat big weights and you're serious about strengthening your legs in the long run.

    Narrow squats place more stress of quads.

    The deeper you go, the more your glutes get worked. Glutes are the foundation to a strong squat.

    The wider you go, the more your adductors are going to feel like they're tearing apart. That's natural. Just make sure you stretch. Also, it helps not to go max-width on your first squat. Make it gradual. First warm-up should be wide. Second warm-up should be wider, and so forth.


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