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    Here is a list of nutrients, what properties they have and what they can be found in.
    Have fun:

    Biotin: Essential to metabolize proteins, carbohydrates and fats. - Found in cauliflower, nuts, egg yolk

    Calcium: Necessary for maintaining bones and teeth. Blood clotting, muscle contraction and relaxation, cell wall permeability and nerve functions - Found in milk, dairy produce, green leafy vegetables, fish, cereal products(ie. corn, wheat, rice, oat, barley, soy)

    Carbohydrate: supplies energy, some sources also provides fiber -found in Bread and cereal products made from whole grains, starchy vegetables (ie. potatoes), fruit (ie. blueberries and pears), sugars.

    Chlorine: Helps regulate acid-based balance and water balance. Needed to form stomach acid and involved in absorbtion of vitamin B-12 and iron - found in salt and food containing salt.

    Chromium: Stabilizes nucleic acids, activates enzymes, and is a component of GTF (glucose tolerance factor), which enhances the effect of insulin - found in fresh foods, especially beef, eggs
    and oysters.

    Cobalt: Important in forming vitamin B-12 - found in green leafy vegetables

    Copper: Helps form important proteins and hemoglobin. Aids in bone formation - found in nuts, seeds, oysters and whole grain cereal produce.

    Fats: Provides food energy and essential fatty acids. Needed to carry fat soluble vitamins and for regularity functions - found in vegetable oils, butter, whole milk, cream, margarine, sunflower
    seeds and nuts

    Fibre: Prevents digestive problems and protects against colon cancer and diverticular disease - unrefined or whole grain cereals, fruit and vegetables

    Fluorine: Involved in making strong teeth and bones - fluorodated water, shrimp, fish and shellfish

    Folic acid (Folacin): Important for cell division and reproduction, and in the manufacture of hemoglobin - green leafy vegetables, pears and blueberries

    Iodine: essential part of thyroid hormones - iodized table salt, kelp and seafood

    Iron: Necessary in formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells, also for enzymes involved in energy metabolism. - found in oysters and clams, pork, beed, dried peas and beans, lentils, iron fortified products. In many fresh foods (except dairy)

    Magnesium: Essential part of bones and teeth. Important in nerve function - found in Nuts, fish, shellfish, whole grain cereals

    Manganes: Growth of connective tissue, formation of bone and possible hair growth - found in whole grain cereals and green leafy vegetables

    Molybdenum: component of tooth enamel and of enzymes that metabolizes fats and proteins - found in leafy vegetables, legumes (ie. lentils) and whole grains

    Niacin (nicotinic acid): Helps metabolize carbohydrates. - found in fish, pork, chicken, lamb, lentils and dried peas and beans.

    Pantothenic acid: part of two enzymes that are important in nerve impulses, hemoglobin formation, synthesis of steroids and formation of antibodies - found in wheat bran, rice bran, nuts, eggs, salmon, brown rice and sunflower seeds

    Posphorus: Forms and maintains bones and teeth. Builds muscles. Involved in many metabolic functions:- energy production and in maintaining acid-base balance - found in milk, milk products (ie. cottage cheese, whipped cream, rocotta), beef, lamb, pork, poultry, fish, nuts and whole grains

    Potassium: Involved in nerve transmission, acid-based balance, and is requires for carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis. Helps transfer nutriens in and out of individual cells - found in milk, blueberries, honeydew, pears and most fresh food

    Protein: Necessary for formation of new tissues, also in maintenance and regularity functions - found in meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dried beans, peas, lentils, nuts and milk

    Selenium - Interrelated with vitamind E as and antioxidant, needed to form the enzyme gluthione peroxidase - found in meat, fish, eggs, shrimp, lobster, clams, oysters and other shellfish.

    Sodium: Component of bile and pancreatic juice, associaes with muscle contraction and nerve function. Helps maintain water balance and balance of acids and bases in fluids outside of cells -
    Found in salt, snack foods, beef, pork, cornbread and most fresh food.

    Vitamin A: Necessary for resistance to infection and nigh vision - found in dark-grean leafy vegetables, salmon, oysters, crab, halibut, swordfish, butter and cream.

    Vitamin B-1: Muscle tone, healthy nerves, norma, appetite and energy metabolism - found in lean pork, potatoes, dried peas and beans, nuts and whole grain breads

    Vitamin B-2: metabolises amino acids and carbohydrates, forms niacin - found in eggs, lean meat, enriched breads and milk

    Vitamin B-6: Involved in protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, functioning of central nervous system - found in fish, legumes and whole grain breads

    Vitamin B-12: Necessary for production of red blood cells, and healthy nerves. Involved in DNA synthesis - found in fish, eggs, muscle meats (ie. pork, beef, chicken, lamb), milk and most grains

    Vitamin C: Needed for formation of collagen, absorbtion of iron and strong capillary walls and blood vessels. Important in wound healing - found in green peppers, potatoes and leafy vegetables

    Vitamin D: Essential for strong bones and teeth. Needed for calcium and phosphorus absorbtion - found in egg yolk, butter and cream

    Vitamin E: An antioxidant, it protects essential fatty acids from oxidative destruction. Acts as selenium - found in wheat germ, vegetable oil, maragrine, egg yolk, green leagy vegetables and legumes

    Vitamin K: Needed for blood clotting - found in green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils and pork

    Zinc - Component of many enzymes involved in energy metabolism and making proteins, needed for normal skin, bones and hair. Involved in wound healing - found in most fresh foods, especially vegetables
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