IWork out 5-6 days a week normally just on the weights, and for the past 7 months it has been the same, i have gained a lot of muscle and i can see quite a bit of weight loss, but now i really want to get right down and cut up.
I havent really stuck to a diet and still drink every weekend, which i intend to cut out now.

Im not really up to date on losing weight, but i guess its the less calories u consume and how much work u do, running/jogging/rowing etc.

im 6'1, 235lbs and want to get to 200lbs within the next 2 months so i can really look good.

Has Anyone got some tips on whats best to do, to lose the weight, i got a diet now.

Breakfast -> I Cant eat in the morning, so i normally just have a protein shake.

Dinner -> Chicken + Fruit

Tea -> Potatoes/Rice/Fruit/Protein Shake

Evening -> Tuna

has anyone got some advice, on a better diet or ... iff that one is ok..?