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    My Reviews

    After trying most of the products from AtLarge i am ready to give a review.

    Speed of delivery is unbelivable i have never waited more than two days for an order. Another great fact is that when i had questions i just PM Chris and was responded to within an hour or two at most.

    Nitrean= very impressed with the choc flavor and the easy mixibilty of the product. I used to use Eclipse for my whey but since getting Nitrean i will only get from here.

    Creatine=This is the only company that i have ever ordered Creatine from so i cannot compare it to others. But what i have always read was how hard Creatine is to mix and get down. But i have no problem with this product.

    Opticen=My wife uses this product every morning for an MRP. She is always running late so this is her way of making up time. She throws it in a blender w/ a banana and two tabl of natty peanutbutter and she is full till lunch.

    So i must say thumbs up all

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    Thanks for the review and I am glad you are happy with the products!

    We appreciate your orders, thanks!

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