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Thread: Silly cardio question

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    Silly cardio question

    Appears I may have been doing something wrong all this time...hah.

    I've been doing 5 minute warmups on the bike prior to my lifts.

    Is this a good thing or not?

    Someone told me the other day to dispense with the bike warmups and just perform a light set as a warmup prior to lifting.

    This is my current routine:

    5 minute warmup on the bike or treadmill
    warmup set (usually done on whatever core lift is being performed that day)
    working sets
    rest of the routine
    cool down

    So my question is, can I just dispense with the bike warmup? A PT had me do those early on, but now that I'm not a stranger to working out, is this a good idea to continue, moving forward?

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    I'm hardly experienced, but I've generally read that it's best to just warm up with the weights themselves and then just lift. Stretching is to be done after lifting. Let's see if anyone agrees...

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    Ya your five minute warm up isn't necessary. Your first lift use a lighter weight, that all the warm up you really need.

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    on leg day, i do a 5 min light cardio and acclimation style weight warmup

    for other weight days, only acclimation warmup

    i think if u ask 5 ppl you'll get 5 diff answers . . .

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    i am personally a fan of the 5 minute warm up on the tread mill it gets my blood pumping faster and even if it is only psychological, makes me feel stronger in my lifts
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