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Thread: Sick :(

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    Sick :(

    Last night, my friend took me to the gym. Right before I went, I went to take my creatine, but there wasnt enough for me to use my scoop (the powder woldnt get into the scoop), so I poured all the remaining creatine in my milk. At the gym, I got a horrible head ache and stomache ache. My friend took me home, and it turned out I had a fever of 101.3. Then, as I tried to go to sleep, I woke up at 2:30 a.m and my dad took my temperature, it was 103.8. I felt extremely hot and couldnt go to sleep until 5:00. Now, its 10:49 a.m. and I've got a headache, but my temperature is back to normal. Could creatine have been the problem to this? Also, I have to pee about once every hour and when I do, I pee for about 35 seconds (longer than usual for me). What does it sound like I have?
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    a fever.

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    It sounds to me like you just had some kind of virus or bacterial infection. I doubt creatine would give you a fever. It also shouldn't make you pee. If anything it would make you a little bloated.

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    You'd better start drinking alot of fluids, though.

    Dehydration plus fever is a nasty combo, and it's easy to get into cyclical vomiting.
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    Yea, this just sounds like a fever or a viral infection maybe. Did the weather change recently where you live? Some people get sick when weather changed.
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    Creatine and milk immediately before you workout is not a good idea.


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