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Thread: Does squatting ever make your knees sore?

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    Does squatting ever make your knees sore?

    Are my knees supposed to be sore from doing squats? I usually do low reps, high weight and have found that my knees are usually sore right on the bottom of my kneecaps. It doesn't bother me except when I do deadlifts or squats again, and even then it's more annoying than anything else. It's not bad enough to keep me from doing my normal routine, and it usually goes away (temporarily) after my first couple warm up sets (I do Max-OT). It hurts if I push or tap on it though. Is this a normal side effect of heavy squats/DL or am I doing something wrong?

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    First of all, check your form. Beyond that, you could

    a) Get some Glucosamine/MSM to help with Cartilage/Joint Recovery

    b) Get some knee wraps
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    I do ATF squats so my weights aren't really heavy.

    I've always had a weak joint problem so it cracks and pops all the time, but a sore knee is quite new to me. What do you mean by "soreness?" Does it feel bruised?

    If you lift heavy weights, it might be a good idea to get knee wraps for extra support as Patrick suggested.

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    It's not bruised. I guess extremely sensitive would be a better way to describe it. If I tap the bottom of my kneecap (like right where the tendon connects) with my finger, it hurts.

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    Yip both of my knee caps hurt there. Watch your form and a little ice after your wo can really help. I've also found that running on hard surfaces is the biggest culprit for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpecialK
    It's not bruised. I guess extremely sensitive would be a better way to describe it. If I tap the bottom of my kneecap (like right where the tendon connects) with my finger, it hurts.
    Are you getting good depth? Not going at least parallel can put more stress on the knee. Also, make sure you are bending your knees in.
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    Knee Wraps normally sort my bad knee out, and the tenderness in your knee can probably be solved by running(My Own Opinion)

    because ive had a 8 month layoff when i was 12 as i got a stud cracked through my knee cap, but i find iff u strengthen the ligaments, you rarely iff ever get bad aches or pains. hope that helps a bit ;-\
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    Are your knees drifting too far in front of your toes? If so, that places a lot of stress on the knees.
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    I would talk to a doctor.
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    yeah i've never had my knees hurt from squatting.

    maybe you should back up on the weight and increase reps a little.

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    they hurt my knees too. but im kind of overweight (almost 20%bf) at 215-220. and ive had two knee surgeries.
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