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Thread: Squating Q's

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    Squating Q's

    Hey. Im doing squat's in the smith machine right now. I dont have a spotter and there is no cage in my gym. (think they are called squating cage, well you know what i mean)

    Im always able to get the weight up in the smith. Im not mentaly able to go down another rep. And I like squat's alot, so next time I will do the free weight style. You just have to tip the weight off your back if you cant get up right, I only squat 120+ so its not like im gonna kill myself.

    If there is one lift I want to be good at its squat, so what im looking for are tips on how to improve your technic. If you could give me some pointers or show me a good powerlifting site that explains it.

    The way I do its now is with my legs almost parallel, and when you look at how the pros to it it's with the legs far apart. Where should you place your hands, breathing and so on...

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    tip numero uno: get a gym with a squat rack.
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    I squat with my legs slightly wider than shoulder width and my toes slightly pointed out. I think it's a lot personal preference.

    Some of the stances might be easier than others.

    If you don't fid it there; I'm sure he has links to other sites where you can.

    P.S. Dr Squat has a new site layout!

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    first, i agree with chicken. second, i also use the slightly wider than shoulder width stance for a better base and i also point my toes outward a bit, it better aligns my knees and thighs. i used to go down to almost parallel, i thought i was doing them right until this dude told me i was'nt going parallel. i started going parallel and had to drop the wegith as he told me i would. he also said that a guy my size would explode in strenght and leg development once i got my form right and got the most from squatting. ok, just make sure you use a weight you can safely control for 6-8 reps and rerack it. i do 5 sets on squats. but you can do as you like. as for a website, go to

    you can find some pretty good info there.
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    you should place your feet to wherever you feel comfortable depending on your mechanics.

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    Powerlifting squat - First position yourself under the bar and put the weight on your rear delts. Take a wide grip and then take in a large breath while pushing your abs out and arch your back to take the weight off of the pins. Now you should be standing with your back arched and abs pushed out. Now take a wide stance with your toes pointed straight forward. Take one last breath while pushing your abs out and descend back into the squat while pushing your feet out sideways. To descend into the squat first stick your ass back and lean forward keeping the bar over your feet for the whole rep, this will keep the bar in the center of gravity. Your shins should stay perpendicular to the floor for the rep and the bar should stay above the middle of your feet.
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