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Thread: Making your knuckles hard

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    Making your knuckles hard

    On the way back from my last lax game we were watching ESPN and we saw a karate event where the dudes were breaking bricks and stuff with their hands. We figured that would be awfully hard to do even if you could move your arm that fast and with that much force and figured that having hard hands probably played a role.

    Is there any special way to make your bones harder? Can you think of any bone that would be worth working on other than maybe your knuckles/hands?
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    It has less to do with strength and bone density than you think. It's all about speed and striking an object at the right angle in the right spot.

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    Actually, if you "simulate" breaking the bone without actually breaking it, you're brain thinks that the bone is being broke and sends more calcium to the bone to try to keep it from breaking, as time goes by more and more calcium gets into the bone and it becomes mroe and more dense. I'm not sure if it works for you're knuckles but I know it works with forearms bones and the shin/tibula bones. One of my friends is a 'guru' status of some high martial art form form india and south america.. and yes 'guru' is his actualy status. When he gets one higher he will be able to design his own fighting system. Basically what he studies is a combined of every form, he was telling me all the flaws from other styles like akido, jujitsu, karate and so forth. Really smart, he holds seminars for the US Military.

    Anyways, he hardened his bones up by either striking bamboo sticks with you're legs/arms or by taking a small hammer and hitting your bone with it. Sure it'll hurt but you dont wanna beat the **** outa yoursef, you just put enough pressure on it to fool you're brain into thinking that its going to break.

    I'm not sure about knuckles though, I know the more you fight, the harder/bigger you're nuckles get, but I was always under the impression that they got bigger because of the scar tissue building up from breaking them so much. I dunno.
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    Knuckles and shins are two popular bodyparts to condition.

    Although there is debate on what is or isn't productive/safe.
    A makiwara is the old karate standard. Some people whack away at one until their knuckles are constantly huge and swollen with massive calcium deposits. Others claim that that is useless and does more harm than good (i.e. joint problems later in life).

    Some people rap with their knuckles on concrete for a similar effect to a makiwara. Again, others would not reccomend it.

    I wouldn't hit anything harder than my knuckes that I didn't expect to break. A heavy bag is fine if you ask me.

    The most important thing is getting your hand and wrist allignment right and hitting with the correct knuckles. The only way to do that is to learn karate (or other bareknuckle style with similar punching mechanics). A standard slug or boxing punch will get your hurt in a breaking situation.

    *EDIT: Shins are sometimes conditioned by rolling up and down them with a rolling pin. There is also some debate regarding the positives and negatives of this kind of conditioning*
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    I watched a show like that. One guy held a coke can and stuck a finger through it.

    Anyways one of the guys there showed his knuckles, massive calcium deposits, they were disgusting.
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