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Thread: proper way to tan?

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    proper way to tan?

    i'm not gona compete in bbing or anything, i just wanna know a "proper" way to tan, since its so sunny here for a few days.
    such things could be helpful: time, spf (i'm chinese, i tan well, but my skin tone right now is liek white white), positioning, etc.
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    Just start out with a high SPF and work your way down over time. No special position or anything just make sure to rotate every so often so you tan evenly.
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    depends on how you tan really. If you burn easily and it doesn't seem as though that is true as to what you said. I'd just go out for a couple of hours with proper sunscreen/tanner on and you'll be cool

    for indoor tannign you may want to build up to a higher level or time. Start off with abotu 10 min. (or what they recommend) and then go from there witha nice bronzer or tan enhancer to go with it

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