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Thread: Shaker cup go boom!

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    Shaker cup go boom!

    Hey, so I had my first experience with a "shaker" cup today for my protein powder
    I hit the local grocery store and picked one up..its like a snap on type one, not a screw on...
    brought it to work with me, and a thought crossed my mind, why not fill it up half way with super hot water and shake it up so it dissolves better...

    2-3 shakes into it the lid kinda explodes off, making a perfect "pop" noise! and covering me in a fine spray of ultra raunchy smelling hydrolyzed protein and casein water HOT! *ahhah*
    I tried it again, adding a little more cooler water, and again it popped, like it was releasing gas or something....

    Finally drenched in stank, I went to the bathroom, washed everything off and filled the thing with cold water to the top, shook it up, no problems...

    is there a trick to this I'm missing? is hot water the no-no or is it that I filled the shaker half way?
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    buy a screw top shaker, dont put it in the dishwasher
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    Rubbermaid has an excellent bottle
    Available at most advanced grocery stores, walmart, etc.

    Prod # 3163

    945 mL

    Product Size
    8.87 x 3.33 x 3.33 in
    22.53 x 8.46 x 8.46 cm

    Use at home and for outdoor sports and recreation
    Gasketed leak-resistant lid
    Fits bicycle bottle holder
    Freezer safe and top rack dishwasher safe

    I have been using one of these as my shaker bottle for YEARS. Works great, never spills, cleans easy, doesn't retain the 'protein stank'.

    And it's totally dishwasher safe.

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    LOL. I use the same rubbermaid bottle as listed above. Use one for shakes and one for just water.
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    I use a gatorade bottle. Ghetto, huh.

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    No, I have a screw on top and have had that happen to me as well. It happened to me because I was trying to disinfect mine after I had forgotten to wash it out after drinking my protein and the leftovers sat overnight. God, that was the worst smelling stuff ever. It sprayed all over me. Thank god I did it before I was getting ready for work.

    It's that you filled it halfway. The hot water heated the air in the container. Once the pressure built up enough, it was bye-bye top. A screw top will last longer before exploding depending on how deep the the top screws on. I got a new one from 1fast400 as a free gift and it has a little valve to release the pressure. Much better.

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    Sarbucks sell water bottles that are perfect for shakes of all types. Screw on lids and they come in varying sizes and colors. I have at least 4 of them. So dope.

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    I don't like to manually shake things anything, so I use a blender.

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    I've always used cold water. Like they said, the hot water will make the air in the shaker expand and pop the top off. If you use cold water you won't have that problem.

    I've got about 10 different kinds of shakers, from screw tops to pop tops, large to small. Never any problems.
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